Create your perfect dream board a simple, smooth, and pleasant experience

Today we are proud to announce a new partnership with With this partnership we allow Visualize app users to print their digital created vision boards and put this somewhere prominent in their home. The collaboration with TheBigDream is a natural fit since we together aim for the same goal, we love to educate and people around the globe how to live the life of your dreams.

TheBigDream has re-invented the process of building a dream board. The end result is a beautiful, clean and modern dream board that you will fall in love with. You will enjoy looking at it every day, what will help you to focus on building the life of your dreams.

Join us and create your stunning dream board in a new, better way. No more cutting out from magazines. No more sticking on the cork-board. It is time for a change! It’s time for Visualize and TheBigDream™!

The upcoming period our team will work hard to better integrate printing of your dream board directly from the Visualize app. Stay tuned for our app updates.

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