Creative visualization basics

Creative Visualization Basics

Creative Visualization is one of the most paramount pieces of the great puzzle of life. Defined as the process of generating mental images, the goal of this procedure is to alter your perception of your daily life and experiences, in hopes of improving the essence of your daily life. Shown to have profound effects on minimizing physical pain, improving social interactions, and assisting in mental health.

By minimizing outside influence and developing the ability to enact scenarios, images, and situations in your mind, you can have better dominance over your life. Remember this is up to you and only you – no one can do it for you. When seeking to improve creative visualization, a great deal of focus and intention is required.

3 Steps of Creative Visualization

There are different strategies to achieve creative visualization no matter who you ask, but we’ve simplified it into 3 simple steps.

1. Goal Setting

The first step in creative visualization is goal setting. That is, in the end, the WHY of the process. You need the “why” crystallized in your mind, otherwise, you will have nothing to aim for. If you can’t create a valid explanation as to why you’re visualizing, or what you’re visualizing for – you will not be successful. Your goals can be anything from a simple task or responsibility that you wish to fulfil, or a more complicated approach that involves longer-term life goals. It really makes no difference, as long as you have a set intention and set result in mind.

2. Image Creation

The second step is image creation, which involves the act of generating a person, place, object, or feeling in your mind. This takes a lot of focus, practice, and the proper atmosphere in order to achieve it. Whatever situation you wish to be in, ponder where it is, why you’re there, and what you hope to gain from being there. Once you’ve done that, continue to build up your environment with details. The more specific you are, the more effective the practice will be.

3. Image Modification

Lastly, the final part of this process is modifying or transforming your images. By doing this, you’re solidifying what you’ve sought to achieve from the beginning. This is where in your imagination, you take action. No matter what action may be, it is important that you act it here. Do you visualize a multi-million dollar business, reconnecting with an old friend, or something else? Here is where you make that happen.

With that being said, we hope you will use this guide to benefit your daily experiences. If you would like to learn more about creative visualization, please check out our app.

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