How To Fight Loneliness With The Power Of Visualization (Embracing Mindfulness 1st)

A key tool in your fight against loneliness might just be the power of visualization. We have seen a massive influx in interest over these “corona times” when it comes to visualization and mindfulness, and this is a good thing….

Create your perfect dream board a simple, smooth, and pleasant experience

Today we are proud to announce a new partnership with With this partnership we allow Visualize app users to print their digital created vision boards and put this somewhere prominent in their home. The collaboration with TheBigDream is a…

How to Host a Thrilling Virtual Vision Board Party During COVID-19

Staying connected during COVID is incredibly important, and hosting a virtual vision board party is one of the best ways to do it! Through more widespread access to technology and programs like Skype, Zoom, and Facetime, it’s never been easier…

How to Avoid Stress During COVID-19

1.) Be Creative with Family and Friends It’s safe to say that we live in some very trying and stressful times. In this blog we’ll discuss how to avoid being stressed during these hard times of the pandemic. The Coronavirus…